Insights into Botnets and Botnet Anonymization


As security companies and law enforcement have enhanced techniques used to disrupt C&C, criminals continue to improve C&C techniques to avoid such disruptions. Botnets are a resource that criminals sell to send SPAM, perform denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while they have also been involved in the rise of ransomware incidents.

Bitdefender researchers have examined well-known botnets to provide useful insights into C&C anonymization techniques found in the wild today.Botnets_and_Botnet_Anonymization-resize

In this paper you will discover: 

  • How cybercriminals can turn interconnected devices into "zombies"
  • What is Tor anonymization
  • How Cryptolocker and PushDo malware work
  • Security best practices for end-users, large organizations and security companies alike.


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